Shared Path Upgrade Beatson Rd.

BeatsonRdSharedPathUpgradeNelson City Council has awarded a contract to Higgins Construction Limited for the construction of a new shared path within the Beatson Road Area. The main purpose of this project is to better integrate the cycle network and improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. The project will involve:

  • Shared Path: On Beatson Road from the Roundabout to Jenkins Stream.
  • Shared Path: Next to Waimea Road from the South End of Jenkins Stream to the North End of Beatson Road.

During construction the area which will have greatest impact to cyclists will be the works on the Beatson Road Roundabout. The north eastern footpath on Whakatu Drive and at the roundabout is now closed until the end of June 2015, though this may change due to weather conditions.

Upcoming Cliff Stabilisation Works on Rocks Road, SH6 from May to October 2015

rocksrd cliff repairs 400A notice from Opus regarding upcoming cliff stabilisation on Rocks Rd. . The work is expected to take approximately 22 weeks, commencing on the 4 May 2015.

Background Information:

Following the heavy rain and flood event in December 2011 some areas of the cliff above State Highway 6, Rocks Road were de-stabilised.  This led to surface material and rocks falling onto the highway. As a result, there has been investigation and designing methods to stabilise the cliffs along the highway.

This project is to reduce the instability issues on the cliff face directly above State Highway 6, Rocks Road. It is proposed to carry out stabilisation works at four sites between the Basin Reserve and Magazine Point. This will involve inserting rock anchors into the cliffs, installing drainage pipes for groundwater, and applying a layer of steel mesh and either sprayed concrete or a special mat surfacing to the cliff face.

The objective of the stabilisation work is to minimise the risk endangering road users on the highway below of further potential surface material and rocks falling onto the highway.

Overview of Works:

From May to October along State Highway 6 Rocks Road, between Basin Reserve and Magazine Point, specialist contractors will be drilling and installing 219 rock anchors, 1,600m2 of shotcrete and nearly 1,400m2 of mesh.

A contract for the works has been awarded to Downer Ltd and they are planning to commence work on the 4 May 2015. We expect this phase of work to take approximately 22 weeks.

Our aim is to do the work with as little disruption as possible. Most of the work will be carried out during daylight hours and our contractor will be taking steps to minimise dust, noise and vibration effects to residents. Work that will restrict the traffic flow on Rocks Road will be carried out at night, but this will be on an irregular basis.

General Information:

Protective barriers and hoardings will be installed on Rocks Road to protect the public from the possibility of rock falls while the work is underway. The work sites at the top of the cliff will be secured with fencing, warning tapes and signs, but it is important that children and pets are kept clear of the work sites and cliff edge at all times.

Matariki Lantern Parade - Railway Reserve

On Wednesday the 17th of June the annual Matariki Lantern Parade will be held from 3.30 to 8pm. If you are using the railway reserve on that day up to 600 people will be taking part in the event on the walkway. Please take care and follow the instructions from the event stewards.

Any queries please contact Victory Community Centre on 546 8389

Retro-Ride Volunteers Needed

poster 2015 basic bleed cmyk simple 300If you'd like to put your passion for cycling to work next weekend, the organisers of the Retro Fun Ride are looking for some bright & fit volunteers to meet & greet participants and help steward the Ride.

It's great fun seeing all sorts of old and new bikes, and whole families dressed up in retro gear having a great time on the cycle paths of Stoke.

Starts and finishes at the Honest Lawyer -9am to 2pm on Sunday 26th.

Email or phone Will on 021 02692724 or 5479588 if this sounds like you!

Wet Weather Cycling

wetweather smallDon't put your bike away when the clouds are grey! For the cost of a couple of tanks of petrol, you can keep cycling comfortably through the seasons.  Here are some thoughts on utility biking in the rain-

Water'll hit you from three directions- the rain from above, water splashed up from your tyres, and your own body -sweat and evaporation.  So you'll need rainwear, good shoes, and mudguards for your bike.

Most cyclists in wet climates use a good rain jacket combined with over-trousers. The jacket is usually a rainshell without lining, so it can be used on mild days. Both should be waterproof, windproof and breathable. Often, the jacket or coat you use for tramping will be fine. Wear removable layers underneath - rain means humidity, so another option is to stay in a low gear and cycle slowly, to avoid getting to your job or your Mum's in a sweat. The alternative to jacket & overtrouses is a rain cape, which goes right over the bike from handlebars to your neck. Whichever you choose, get the best gear you can afford; think of all the petrol you'll be saving!

Normal good waterproof shoes should be adequate, but don't forget that rain will flow down those waterproof trousers over your shoes, while your tyres spray them from beneath, so they need to be up to the job.  Boots can be a good option.

A good set of mudguards are a must for your bike. Bikes vary so much in gearing and suspension, it's often best to ask at your local bike shop about fitting. Think about whether you want removable or permanent guards.

To keep your stuff dry, waterproof panniers on a luggage rack are ideal, providing refuge for your schoolbooks and laptop in even the heaviest downpour. In a pinch, a plastic or ziplock bag wrapped round your delicate items and popped inside your basket, pannier or backpack will protect them. Hi-viz backpack covers can adding rain protection if you have to carry your luggage on your back.

Don't forget that people using cars in rain have their visibility badly reduced, so switching on your lights and donning hi-visibility clothing, even during the daytime, is a good idea. Keep your normal road position, about a meter from the kerb, and reduce your own speed so you can keep watch for puddles and slick metal plates in the road- your brakes & tyre grip will likely be affected by the rain so allow longer stopping distances.

Other useful tips-
  • Bring a spare plastic bag to cover your seat when it's parked.
  • Check the Met Services online Rain Radar service before you go; it gives a good heads-up on the upcoming hour of weather.

Finally, cycling in damp weather with light rain can be OK, but heavy rain is another story; even the best rainproof clothing will struggle in a heavy downpour.  Sometimes the bus is best!

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