Shared Path Upgrade Beatson Rd.

BeatsonRdSharedPathUpgradeNelson City Council has awarded a contract to Higgins Construction Limited for the construction of a new shared path within the Beatson Road Area. The main purpose of this project is to better integrate the cycle network and improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. The project will involve:

  • Shared Path: On Beatson Road from the Roundabout to Jenkins Stream.
  • Shared Path: Next to Waimea Road from the South End of Jenkins Stream to the North End of Beatson Road.

During construction the area which will have greatest impact to cyclists will be the works on the Beatson Road Roundabout. The north eastern footpath on Whakatu Drive and at the roundabout is now closed until the end of June 2015, though this may change due to weather conditions.

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