Annie Leather

Annie Leather

Me and My two elder brothers; Gerald and Derek heading off to school on a Winters morning at Orati Bridge near Geraldine South Canterbury. Dereks got his hockey stick on the back to go to practice after school.

Taken around 1962.

Andy Williams

andy williams

Five boys outside the pub at Canvastown and the bakery at Rai Valley on a two day bike ride from Waimea College to Blenheim and return in 1977, when 10-speeds were still something of a rarity in school bike sheds

It took 10 hours to get to Blenheim on the Saturday, and - despite a good nights sleep, plenty of food, and great weather - 12 loooooooong hours to get home the next day

No water bottles
No helmets
No lycra!
No feeling in glutes for days
No regrets whatsoever
No desire to do it ever again

Left to right in the Rai Valley pic

Brian Tuffnell - 5th former (year 11) on a proper 10-speed racing bike
Hamish Robinson - 3rd former (year 9) on a single speed velodrome bike
Andy Williams - 3rd former (year 9) on a 10-speed Raleigh Olympus
Chris Rowe - 5th former (year 11) on a three-speed commuter
Chris Jones - 3rd former (year 9) on a 10-speed Healing

andy williams2

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