A bicycle is not just for Christmas

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OK, so you were lucky enough to get a new bike for Christmas but now is not the time to cast it to one side with your Christmas tree, now is the time to put it to work for you !

A bike can be a significant purchase but it can pay for itself in no time at all -

  • Shopping (or Quaxing) - buy yourself some a rack and panniers or even a trailer, it's amazing what you can carry on a bike, but a good simple rucksack can be almost as useful.
  • Commute - Save on car maintenance costs, petrol and parking costs and you'll recoup the cost of the bike in no time even if you only use your bike some of the time. Even if you live a long way out why not put your bike in the car and just riding the last few km - you may still be saving on parking costs and you'll arrive at work invigorated.
  • Have fun - Many would say that cycling is fun wherever you cycle but we're fortunate to have many and varied cycle paths and world class mountain bike tracks right on our doorstep, most of which, including The Great Taste Trail that you can ride absolutely free (a small amount to join the Mountain Bike Club for the more adventurous is money well spent though and gives you access to even more trails).
  • Get Fit - Work of those mince pies without the expense of the gym and also reduce long term health costs. In fact if you do any of the above, you'll be doing this without even noticing.

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