Matariki Lantern Parade - Victory Railway Reserve

We've been asked to share this message regarding the Matariki Lantern Parade in June (we will remind everybody closer to the time too):

Dear Victory Railway Users

The Matariki Lantern Parade is being held on the Victory Railway Reserve on Wednesday the 19th of June from 3.40pm to 8pm.
The section of the walkway being used is from the corner of Totara & St Vincent Streets to Beatson Ave.
During this time we are likely to have 600 to 800 people on the walkway participating in the event.
If you are on Victory Railway Reserve during this time please be aware of the participants and take care.

In addition we will have event staff working on the Victory Railway Reserve installing and breaking down art work and lighting on the following days and times:

Tuesday 18 June 9.30am to 4pm
Wednesday 19 June 9.30am to 10pm
Thursday 20 June 9.30am to 4pm

There will be signage on the walkway when the staff are working during these times.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact me on 546 8389, email

Thanks Gareth


Yesterday we had a great email from Robert who, following a bike-car accident, decided to put pen to paper and write a poem about the experience. Thankfully this accident hasn't put Robert off cycling and he says that he often has illuminating thoughts while he's out on his bike.


The other day when out about
On wheels with spokes and legs with clout
I came upon a narrow pass
Where patience was as thin as glass

Opposing cars with missions clear
Approached both sides so very near
Their focus it had made them blind
Nothing ahead nothing behind

Squeeze imminent raised no alarm
Plain ignorance it gave false calm
For metal skin, gas under foot
Protected them from reasoned look

My handle bar, a useful bit
Just whipped away as quick as quick
My course an unplanned tumbling zed
Such things they often leave you dead

Laid out upon tar carpet harsh
With fingers raw and bruis’ed arse
Sprang up, gave them a fierce declaim
Oh driving skills insane insane

Maimed bike with cables all askew
Dragged home, a project to renew
My body though lies not in state
Still tough as nails at sixty-eight

Tomorrow on I’ll fly a flag
A red balloon, a ribbon rag
I’ll chose the footpath with discretion
Avoiding nasty tumbling session

And for escapee, note this well
Please see the flag and hear the bell
Neglect not then the view ahead
Refrain from planting foot of lead

One day you may enjoy the air
And understand the cyclist’s glare
Try cycling it’s not a sin
Be healthy, rich, avoid the gym

By Robert

The ‘Rocks Rd - Southern link’ Show!!

OK folks, back by popular demand - the ‘Rocks Rd - Southern link’ Show!!

Well a variant anyway. Nelson City Council is looking at the first step of getting a walking/cycling boulevard built along the seaward side, something council would fund from NZTA (mostly) and NCC (some) money. A boulevard overlooking the waterfront, with the occasional cafe, where people can walk, ride and scare the seagulls. Wait, who would want such a thing? Well it seems our local Waterfront Association certainly doesn’t; see this item in the Nelson Mail -

Yes ok it’s true, there would be a road next to it. Not a unique situation for walk- and cycle-way on waterfronts in NZ and overseas because, unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world.

At BNB we think this boulevard idea is pretty interesting, and it’s certainly worth investigating. It will be tricky to make work properly, but this is a fabulous route which many people with bikes just won’t use at present because it’s all on-road.

What’s proposed is a two-way segregated walking and cycling pathway separate from the road that’ll link the Tahuna beach and recreational areas with the new Maitai River pathway and Nelson city. We think it’ll also help bring cycle tourists off the growing Tasman trail into our CBD, which will not only add to it’s vibrant buzz but will help to create jobs.

Nelson/Richmond Railway Reserve Cultural Exchange Group Cycle Ride

If you haven't ridden along the Railway Reserve yet, this would be a great opportunity to do so. If you have ridden it, it's still a great ride and of course it would be an opportunity to meet other cyclists or just to enjoy being out on a bike. Invite your friends and get them to dust off their bikes. This is a great family ride and  for those that are new to cycling, as well as experienced cyclists.

This is a great opportunity for a cultural exchange between Nelson and Tasman. It's a chance to find out a little more about our neighbours. We realise that some people may be a little bit concerned about the language barrier and strange customs however don't let that put you off, we expect that our common bond 'the bike' will help us overcome this.

There are two starting points to this event; Richmond and Nelson. This group will start at the Clock tower in Nelson and another will start at the Richmond end of the cycle way (here). You're welcome to join the groups anywhere along the route and the two groups will meet somewhere in the middle (perhaps Stoke for coffee). Some from the Nelson end may then continue to Richmond and some from Richmond may continue to Nelson (combining with those riders that turn around at that point). Just in case you needed any more incentive (apart from the chance to get out and meet other cyclists and have a great bike ride), we will have some spot prizes.  The fitter riders may wish to continue onto the Great Taste Trail to Mapua or Brightwater or perhaps go mountain biking in Nelson.

This ride will be on regardless of the numbers and regardless of the weather !

The route to Nelson-Richmond is approximately 13km (so a 26km round trip for those that ride the full length of the route and back). It is mostly flat however and the route doesn't require a high level of fitness.  Note that everybody is responsible for their own health and safety and that of any children that they bring on the ride. The majority of the route is off road but there is a section down Beatson Rd. and also a section on road in Nelson city.

The event is listed on Facebook with two separate starts, why not 'Join' us: (Nelson Start) (Richmond Start) 

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