RSNB Meeting (18th March) Summary

Last Monday (18th March) I attended the first Roas Safe Nelson Bays (RSNB) meeting of the year as the BNB representative. As well as BNB we had Marg Parfitt (NCC), Sarah Downs (NCC/TDC), Andrew James (NZTA), Allan Kneale (AA), Shane Davies (NCC), Stu Wright (Police), Derek Nees (RTA), Krista Hobday (TDC), Kylie Matthewson (Plunket), Mark Preston-Thomas (ACC) and Fraser Magee (Ulysses).

As you can see from those groups that are represented, RSNB is a very important group for BNB to be part of. Below is a quick summary of the cycling related issues that were raised and you will note that Bicycle Nelson Bays isn't the only group raising cycling issues; RSNB as a group is concerned with the safety of all road users.


NCC and TDC Road Safety Coordinators:

Bike Wise / Get Moving will be holding Family fun rides in March at the following places and dates:

  • Motueka held on Sunday 17 March from 1pm at the skate park on Old Wharf Road.
  • Richmond to be held from 1pm on Sunday 3 March and has 2 start points
  • Lower Queen Street (signs will lead to the start point from the corner of Lansdowne Road) and is suitable for younger and less confident cyclists. Ride is 6.5km long.
  • ASB Aquatic Centre and is suitable for more experienced cyclists. Ride is 15km long.
  • Both rides take cyclists over the new Waimea River Bridge and onto the Children’s day festivities at the Old Domain Area on rabbit Island between 2pm – 5pm.


The Branch has expressed concern at the time that contractors take to clear the cycle lane of debris following a weather event. OPUS has apologised for this, but the contractor needs to be held to account and that the RSNB group could be putting more pressure on the contractor via the asset manager.


Public Health has looked with interest at a research project carried out via Injury Prevention Research Unit, Otago University.

It was noted by the injury prevention health promoter that the lower number of child injuries (0-14) was not surprising given that in 2008 when a capture-recapture analyses was done in Nelson Tasman showed that bicycle injuries in the 0-14 year age group were most likely to be reported in Police data (which is the source of data this study uses).

Bicycle Nelson Bays

BNB reported that there had been really positive feedback from the Go By Bike day and thanked Marg for organising the event.

BNB raised the issue of whether the roads which cross the Atawhai cycle track could be modified such that the cycle track is on a raised table and has right of way over the road traffic. Although this idea was rejected when the cycle track was created, BNB felt that due to the number of cyclists using the track this should be reconsidered.  NZTA have said that they will look into this as part of a planned intersection review on this stretch of road.

BNB raised serious safety concerns around Snows Hill (where Waimea Rd. becomes Rutherford St.). BNB has raised the issue of safety on this corner several times in the past; When cycling North past the group of shops cars almost always cut in on the corner driving over the cycle lane. The opening of the new dairy just past the corner has made this section of road even more dangerous; Because people are generally just nipping quickly onto the shop as they drive into town, care is not being taken when parking and very often cars park partially in the cycle lane and doors are being opened without checking for cyclist. If a cyclist is coming round that corner, they're general going at a reasonable speed and there isn't much time to react if the cycle lane is obstructed and BNB feels that the combination of all these factors on this corner means that unless something is done, there is very likely to be an accident involving a cyclist.

BNB has suggested that a low curb should be added to the outside of the cycle lane on the lead into the corner (which Shane from NCC has said he will look into) and also that notices should be posted at the dairy warning drivers to be careful how they park and also that NCC should ticket drivers that park in the cycle lane. Marg has agree to produce some posters and signs to be placed in and around the shop which BNB is helping to design.

As part of a strategy to get younger children riding their bikes to school with their parents, BNB would like to produce some leaflets targeting at primary school parents that would provide safety tips as well as inviting them to form a school cycling group (with guidance from BNB). BNB asked if RSNB would cover some of the printing cost of the leaflets. The response was positive and a decision will be made once the leaflets are designed and a formal application is made.

Radio Program

As a 6 month trial, RSNB is going to have a 15-20 minute radio slot on Fresh FM which will be available for use by groups represented in RSNB, including BNB. The first 3 shows are planned to be motorcycling, stopping distances and speed, and cycle visibility.


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