As I was cycling down Collingwood St. I noticed a particularly stylish cyclist and when I stopped at the lights and said 'excuse me...' she turned round and I realised it was a friend Kate, a teacher a the Nelson School of Music and a member of the quartet 'La Vida'. A number of people will recognise Kate; She has to be one of the most stylist cyclists in Nelson (I feel a competition coming on here), and perhaps the world (unfortunately my photographs don't do her justice). She has the air of Mary Poppins as she cycles down the street. Previously you may have seen her cycling in a wide brimmed hat that was, unknown to most, including the police, a cycling helmet. Unfortunately Kate says she got a bit tired of being stopped for not wearing a cycle helmet so she doesn't wear it these days (which is unfortunate and why I didn't recognise her at first).

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