Uncle – Councillor Brian McGurk

We met up with Brian on a cold rainy day on Rocks Rd. It wasn’t quite t-shirt weather but there are some hardy cyclists around that are willing to brave the elements, and the traffic.

Brian says that he probably gets out about three or four times a week for a ride. He’s got two bikes, an old classic steel frame Giant road bike which he got off his brother when he headed off overseas. Brian thinks the bike is about 25 years old and he says he used to use it as a commuter bike when he was with the Police but now he just uses it for road rides. The other bike is just an ordinary mountain bike which he uses to get up the hills and around the bike trails. He says he likes riding along tracks and roads that he hasn’t been on before.

Brian tells us that a friend had recently acquired a bike and together they’ve been checking out some of the cycle trials around Nelson. “The cycle trails are great but could improved with better signage to identify the start and end points as they can be easily missed.” Brian suggests.

Brian says he just wants to see more and more people on bikes. “People getting to work, kids going to school, folks going to the shops and everyone just enjoying themselves while out on a bike.” He says that he counted just over 50 people on the Great Taste Trail between Brightwater and Hope that morning. “Mums, Dads, little kids, older couples, groups of friends. It was great to see.”

Brian says he’s always cycled and always had a bike. “A bloke can never have too many bikes.” he adds.

A number of us would agree with that !